Church Of Doug

An alternative perspective to life.

Doug, a humble servant called by the Creator to share lessons that others might benefit, to the churches and congregation wherever dispersed around the globe. May you remain ever faithful to your promise to live by God’s words now and always.

Like Jesus discovered in the desert after his baptism with John, we must avoid asking the Lord God to change the world for us. We are God’s creation, not God’s commander. When we pray, we thank God for our creation and show God our appreciation for the many splendors around us.

God loves this creation, for the Lord God has kept it growing and evolving for longer than mankind can imagine. The many splendors of just the part we know suggests the whole creation must be marvelous indeed. Let us share with God our experiences, that the Divine Creator might see from our perspective the beauty and glory of the world we live in.

There may be conflicts and strife around us. Those are things we are to resolve. Let us, when we pray, tell God how we are doing with our work as opposed to asking God to make the world conform to our desires. God empowered us to have an impact over our surroundings. Let us use what we have been given and show our gratitude for the gifts already in our possession.

Go in peace. Work together to improve the world around us and let God know how grateful we are for being created and allowed to make an impact on the world around us now and forever. Amen.