Church Of Doug

An alternative perspective to life.

Doug, a grateful servant of the Creator, to the churches and congregation wherever dispersed around the globe. May you live according to the message of God now and always.

We are asked how to live in accordance to the teachings, and the most common response is the tenets or our faith: love unconditionally, encourage diversity, and to be a humble servant. How would we describe such a person?

Like the ‘seven deadly sins’, there are seven behaviors of the members of this faith. These ‘Seven Holy Behaviors’ are: humbly, gratefully, kindly, patiently, forgivingly, understandably, and servantly.

We honor the Divine when we behave in these manners. What more, these behaviors improve the world around us and make the creation all the better for it. We are empowered with the ability to change and evolve our part of the creation. What can we do to let the Creator know of our grateful appreciation for that which has been provided to us? How can our behaviors help bring peace and comfort to all the creations of this world?

Behaving according to the seven behaviors listed above will empower us to live as God has asked us to live. It is our thoughts and deeds which create the chain of effects to evolve the world to a better future for all.

Go in peace. Remember our thoughts and deeds create ripples of responses in the world around us now and forever. Amen.