Church Of Doug

An alternative perspective to life.

Doug, repeating God’s message to this world, to the churches and congregation wherever dispersed around the globe. May your lives be full of joy and happiness now and always.

I have heard some of you have ignored the sacrament of confession and am concerned for your growth in following the message of the Great Creator of the universe. While we accept that we are not perfect in the fulfillment of our goals in becoming an ideal example of God’s intent for us, we must endeavor to improve ourselves to make us better examples of the ideal. How can we recognize our successes and focus on our shortcomings without taking a short moment to evaluate our state?

Are you embarrassed to reveal to the other members of your intimate house church what you have done and left undone? The members of your church are there to support you and help you improve yourself. Discussing these things also provides the others in your church to be able to offer their help, enabling them to practice our faith as well.

The bonds of love and friendship are strongest when people open their hearts to those they are already close to. By sharing both the struggles and accomplishments we connect with one another and help others to review themselves to see if they also need to work on improving themselves.

Go in peace. Grow in the faith so that your thoughts and deeds may improve the whole world now and forever. Amen.