Church Of Doug

An alternative perspective to life.

Doug, a humble recipient of God’s love, to the churches and congregation wherever dispersed around the globe. May your service to that same Creator bring you closer together in your efforts fulfill God’s will.

You have asked how to be a more humble servant to the Lord and your inquiry has been heard. We know, for the sacred texts to love unconditionally. Not just our friends and family, but unconditionally to all we encounter, including ourselves. We have been taught to love without ceasing or constraint – to love without judgement.

We know our role is that of a humble servant. But how can we better understand what we can do to be more humble? In a word: compassion. When we open our hearts to compassion, we are encouraged to take action to help.

When we focus on compassion, we connect with others in a caring way that engages us to respond in a loving way. Compassion comes with a desire to help, a forgiving heart without judging, and an attentiveness to the needs of others.

Compassion provides the service. Humility comes from knowing we are all alike. We each have strengths and our weaknesses. While each person’s strengths and weaknesses will differ between people; nonetheless, we all have a mix of both. Use your strengths to provide support for another’s weakness and you will both be stronger.

Go in peace. Have compassionate heart that your deeds will be loving and supportive to all both now and forever. Amen.