Church Of Doug

An alternative perspective to life.

Doug, a servant of God, to the churches and congregation wherever dispersed around the globe. May you ever see the Divine’s beauty in all you survey.

It has been said “seek, and you shall find”. This is a great truth, for it is founded on the simple assumption that we see what we want to see. If we focus our attention on something, then we will look until we find what we are looking for. If we lose a sheep, will we look for it until it is found? Will we keep looking for it after we have found it? So, it is with words and lessons as it is with experiences. What we choose to perceive, that we shall find. When we expect someone to say an unkind thought, then whatever words we hear, we will see the lack of kindness in them. Yet, if we presume innocence, we will hear innocent remarks spoken. We hear what we expect.

A behavior is not, in its basic nature, good or bad. It is simply a behavior. What adds meaning to the behavior is how we filter the behavior through our own values and filters. What, then, can we do? Our interpretation of what we see forces us to judge what we perceive. Will we not fall short of God’s calling to have us not judge?

We can be at peace, for God does not say avoid all judgement. Rather, we are taught that we will be judged in the same manner we judge others. Choose how you wish to be judged and use it as your rule and guide. Then, when the Creator sees you, God will see you as you have seen others.

Go in peace. Open your heart to see in a loving and understanding way now and forever. Amen.