Church Of Doug

An alternative perspective to life.

Doug, a servant of the Creator, called by God to be a disciple, to the churches and congregation wherever dispersed around the globe: peace and love do I share with you. May you be blessed with love now and always.

I give thanks to God always for you, because the grace of God which was given to you that, in every way, enriched your lives. Be at peace knowing your efforts strengthen the whole and contribute to the betterment of all. For it is in each of you the understanding of that spiritual gift which makes peace possible and binds this world into a healthy and vibrant experience.

When we love unconditionally, separation and selfishness are removed and replaced with a bond of comfort and joy. Seeing the reason to love awakens the mind and warms the heart. It banishes the sense of loneliness and bonds us closer.

While we do not expect reciprocation, how great it is in creating bonds between people. For example, in my marriage, both my wife and I put the wants and needs of the other person before our own. Because I fulfill her every want and need, and she does the same for me, there is no selfishness in us. Each of us gains all we ever want without worry. When our cup is ever filled, as God Almighty does to each of us, it is easy to be selfless.

Love begets love. Actions and feelings generate like actions and feelings in those around us. What we think and feel is sent into the world around us and affects those nearby. That, in turn, impacts them who then pass it on. What better way to spread the word of God than to let it simply replicate itself in others because we have offered it untainted to everyone we encounter.

Go in peace. Love unconditionally. Spread God’s message of love through your thoughts and actions with everyone you meet. Amen.