Church Of Doug

An alternative perspective to life.

Doug, a conveyer of God’s message and fellow creation of God’s divine inspiration, to the churches and congregation wherever dispersed around the globe: joy and acceptance do I have for you. May you know your individuality brings joy to everyone now and always.

God created diversity from the beginning of time: Light and dark, Heaven and earth, land and sea, as well as the many degrees of these qualities between them. God disperses things so that variety is enhanced. As creations of the great diversity God has produced, we are encouraged to do the same within our reach.

Let us help one another evolve into unique and different people, thereby adding degrees of color and interest to this creation of God. Let us embody goals and desires God has shown by helping others see the value of themselves without them changing from who they are to some conforming state. Let us help them be them.

There is no greater value to be gained by forcing everyone to conform to our standards. On the contrary, universal conformity would be in direct conflict with God and counter to our teachings. Let us, therefore, stop fighting God’s will and instead, help God by encouraging that which God has shown us is God’s will.

Go in peace. Encourage diversity. Let the world know that our differences improve the world God has created thereby honoring the goals and intentions of the Divine Creator. Amen.