Church Of Doug

An alternative perspective to life.

Doug, a simple component of God’s divine inspiration, to the churches and congregation wherever dispersed around the globe: I come to you with God’s revelation that you may live according to the world God has envisioned. May the message of God increase your compassion now and always.

Who are we to go against the will of God? God choose diversity, so why do we not embrace it ourselves? Why do we cast out that which does not conform to our views and understandings? Is it not God’s will to make each of us different? Why, then, do you judge others by the standards you have set for yourself?

It is true we must encourage diversity and your actions divert from the message of God. It is well and good for people not following this way to be so biased and judgmental. Our faith, however, is what sets us apart from the common and adds to the diversity.

Our vow to encourage diversity means we cease the common behavior of insisting people be of one mind and conform to our standards. We do this because we know our path is the harder path to travel and not everyone is ready or able to walk this path we have set before us. Insisting others do what we have tasked ourselves with doing creates animosity and conflict. Let them be them while we be ourselves.

Go in peace. Encourage diversity. Help others see their value in them being themselves now and forever. Amen.