Church Of Doug

An alternative perspective to life.
The Church Of Doug, originally a repository of useful code segments I didn't want to lose, evolved into the web site you see today. The code segments were applied to fun and creative pages under a similar theme. As HTML evolved, the need for storing segments of code died away and, instead of deleting the site, I allowed the theme to evolve into an entity of its own. Now, it represents some of the old thematic material (mostly humorous), along with some of my thoughts and feelings on life, the universe, and everything. Life springs up where once there was none.
Having been born a PK and participated in numerous theological organizations, my warped sense of humor has always had a slight theological bent. The Church Of Doug is my theology with a slight humorous bent as I delve into much of my studies. I cannot speak for God, but I'm reasonably certain the divine has a sense of humor. My proof is the fact I have not been struck down yet. Heck, considering how ignored I am by both God and people, I suspect I've nailed God's message perfectly!
So, what do I know? I know what I have studied from early christian writings as well as other theologies. Most religions hold dear a few very specific beliefs on how to behave, and these seem to be common to all of them. Those thoughts are mixed in with other dirt to keep them slightly hidden from view. Nobody said it would be easy to divine the Divine.
On an unrelated note: I must give credit where it is due. The beautiful "stained glass" image on the home page is the efforts of my beloved wife, Louise Huskins. It is beautiful and worth seeing again.